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The Salt Spring Tuesday Market is hosted by the Salt Spring Community Market Society. The market runs every Tuesday from May 30th to October 31st, rain or shine. Shopping hours are from 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM, with a 2 hour window for setting up before the market starts. It is a food based market that showcases all local Salt Spring farmers and food producers. Since our market is food focused, craft vendors are encouraged to apply to the Salt Spring Saturday Market, at their website here:


If you are interested in selling fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, or prepared food that you have grown, raised, caught, made, or baked yourself please fill out the Vendor Application by clicking on the link below. If you would like to attend as a Community Group, click on the relevant link below to apply.

If you plan on selling any prepared foods, please review the Guideline for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets. If you are planning to sell any foods that would be considered 'high risk' you will need the appropriate approvals from the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) before vending. You may also need to secure additional permits as requested by VIHA, depending on the product you are selling.

If you plan on selling alcohol, approval from the BC Liquor Control & Licensing Branch is required.

You can find information about that here:

Please review our Market Policy & Bylaws before applying to ensure that the market is an appropriate

fit for you business.

The Salt Spring Community Market Society follows provincial public health policy regarding Covid-19. Currently that means that masks are not required and social distancing is not enforced. We will keep up to date with public health orders and modify our operations as the need arises.

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